January 15, 2014 – For the Moon

Fullmoon777Tonight is the full moon.  The moon has been a symbol and source of mystery for as long as we’ve been able to look at it.  Along with the sun, the stars, the planets and everything else in the cosmos, it declares the “glory” – the utter perfection and beauty – of the Creator.  The moon has been worshiped as a symbol of feminine power, creativity, and divinity, an equal to Her male counterpart, the sun.  Unlike the sun – harsh, warm, demanding, sometimes overpowering, the moon glides silently and calmly, leaving much to the imagination.  No wonder she has been embraced by so many; rather than black and white thinking, the moon suggests a grayer way of perceiving things, keeps us thinking about so many other possibilities.

What I like about the full moon is that we see her at the apex of the moon cycle.  She is at the fullest bloom of her life cycle, in the flower of her ripeness and beauty.  In her balsamic phase, plans and projects were conceived; they grew and developed along with her waxing until this moment! when they are ripe and beautiful and full of life and energy.  Her youth and beauty is glorious!  And then she will wane.  Her energy will slowly dissipate until, finally, she will disappear.  And important phase; not as grand and glorious and dramatic, but just as important.  And just as beautiful.

The moon reflects the life cycle, every month.

But tonight, she is full, and life is full, and I am so grateful for that life, and for the moon who gently reminds me that, no matter where I am in this life, balsamic, waning, full, waxing, or somewhere in between…it is all important, and it is all beautiful.

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